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Comparing Options for Clearing Clogged Feeding Tubes

No one wants a clogged feeding tube.  They impact the patient’s ability to receive adequate nutrition and keep medication on schedule.[1]  If the clog cannot be cleared, the tube is replaced. Tube replacement can be a painful, risky, and costly procedure that can...

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1. Buckey, R. and Heisa, S. “The TubeClear Study: Clinical Study of Mechanical Enteral Tube Declogging.” Aug. 2021.2. Blumenstein I, Shastri YM, Stein J. Gastroenteric tube feeding: techniques,problems and solutions. World J Gastroenterol. 2014;20:8505-8524.3. Oley...

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Syringe Force on Clogged Feeding Tubes

Syringe Force on Clogged Feeding Tubes

Many people think feeding tubes are merely used to deliver nutrition (i.e., feeding formula), however, they deliver life-sustaining medications too - it’s no wonder they tend to clog. At Actuated Medical, Inc., we developed the TubeClear System to keep enteral therapy...

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