Robert Buckley, RN, CCM & Steve Heisa, RN
NeuroRestorative, Riverton, Utah, August 2021

Key Takeaways

  • Acquiring, training and applying TubeClear for feeding tube de-clogging is simple and well within
    the skill capabilities of Licensed Nurses.
  • TubeClear is a proven technology that is effective in clearing enteral feeding tube clogs.
  • TubeClear has proven to be a cost effective technology to apply in a long-term care environment.
  • TubeClear provides greater resident comfort and confidence in a provider’s care service.

TubeClear is very cost-effective when utilized at long-term care facilities as it decreases inconvenience and discomfort to patients and saves staff time in clearing a clogged feeding tube

Robert Buckley

RN, CCM, Bucklyn Rose Health