BTF for adult patients-Tuesday Tube Facts

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Common indications for Blenderized Tube Feeding (BTF) with adult patients typically includes patients who are expected to be on tube feeding long term.[1]

Typical conditions/disease states include, Oncology, Stroke, ALS, Dysphagia, and TBI. BTF is commonly used in Acute Care, Post Acute Care, and Outpatient settings.[3]


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GJ and G tube complication rates-Tuesday Tube Facts

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Although gastrostomy (G) tubes and gastrojejunostomy (GJ) tubes had similar complication rates and emergency department visits, GJ tube complications were more likely to result in intervention by radiology.[1]


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    Enteral nutrition interruption-Tuesday Tube Facts

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    Patients who had at least one interruption to their enteral nutrition increased their hospital length of stay by 8 days.[1]


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    GJ Tube placement expectations-Tuesday Tube Facts

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    After the GJ Tube placement the patient can return to the hospital room where they will rest for 2-4 hours. The G-port will be attached to suction for at least 4 hours.[1]

    Feedings through the J-port can be started after the patient rests for a few hours. Abdominal pain at the new site for a few days is normal.[1]


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    Childrens Mercy 35%-Tuesday Tube Facts

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    At Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO, approximately 35% of patients are on enteral nutrition on any given day.[1]

    Often these infants and children get several feedings per day of formula over 30 minutes using an enteral pump.[1]


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