Survey on Nutrition Delivery – Tuesday Tube Facts

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A survey about nutrition delivery in critically ill Covid-19 patients found 83% of caregivers attempted to feed by the intragastric route, but only 9% indicated that energy/protein needs were achieved in their patients.[1]


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Support during the holidays – Tuesday Tube Facts

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Try these tips during the holidays when you’re supporting someone with a feeding tube:

1. Plan ahead

2. Make a holiday gathering easy on yourself and your loved one

3. Talk about your child’s special needs

4. Expect the unexpected [1]


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ICU Patients are at High Risk for Complications

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Trauma and surgical intensive care unit (TSICU) patients supported with mechanical ventilation are at high risk for complications associated with malnutrition.[1]

Despite these interventions, TSICU patients often suffer a calorie deficit associated with enteral nutrition interruption for procedures or transitions in care.[1]


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Substances inadvertently administered-Tuesday Tube Facts

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In one study over a 5-year period, 95 incidents were reported to the National Reporting and Learning System in which substances were inadvertently administered through NG tubes into the respiratory tract, resulting in 32 patient deaths. [1]


  1. Powers, J, Brown, B, Lyman, B, et al. Development of a competency model for placement and verification of nasogastric and nasoenteric feeding tubes for adult hospitalized patients. Nutr. Clin. Pract. 2021; 36: 517-533. https://doi.org/10.1002/ncp.10671

25% of NG tubes-Tuesday Tube Facts

There is however no evidence to support the use of weighted NG tubes in terms of either placement or maintenance of position.[1]


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