Data on malnutrition and Covid-19 – Tuesday Tube Facts

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Those recovering after serious illnesses such as Covid-19 often need significant rehabilitation because of profound weakness and loss of muscle mass. Emerging data highlights the prevalence of inadequate nutrition therapy and malnutrition, which is likely contributing to these long-lasting effects.[1]


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Support during the holidays – Tuesday Tube Facts

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Try these tips during the holidays when you’re supporting someone with a feeding tube:

1. Plan ahead

2. Make a holiday gathering easy on yourself and your loved one

3. Talk about your child’s special needs

4. Expect the unexpected [1]


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Tube Occlusions May Lead to Enteral Concretion – Tuesday Tube Facts

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Unresolved tube occlusions have resulted in concretion of enteral feeds, tearing of the tube, and direct administration of feeds to the esophagus, as well as possible formation of esophageal bezoars.[1]


  1. Dandeles, L. and Lodolee, A. Efficacy of Agents to Prevent and Treat Enteral Feeding Tube Clogs. The Annals of Pharmacotherapy. 2011. 45:676-680