Nutrition and Hydration for long-term care-Tuesday Tube Facts

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Long term care residents nutrition and hydration statuses are tracked by state and federal surveyors. Elderly population malnutrition is associated with poor clinical outcomes and increased mortality.[1]

Residents with severe malnutrition are also at increased risk for developing a number of chronic medical conditions.[1]


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Malnutrition Prevalent in Older Adults – Tuesday Tube Facts

Did you know…?

Malnutrition is highest among older adults (65+). Hospital stays with malnutrition are 2x longer than those without.[1]

Patients treated for Covid-19 may require a feeding tube to help supplement their nutrition to fight the infection.[2] Keeping these tubes clear by proactively using the TubeClear system may help maintain feeding tube flow so these patients keep getting the nutrition they need for recovery.[3]


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