Clogged Feeding Tubes Interrupt Nutrition – Tuesday Tube Facts

Surgical ICU patients with a least one interruption to their enteral nutrition experience a higher calorie deficit than those with no interruptions.[2]


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Patients on EN in ICU Receive just 60% of Nutrition – Tuesday Tube Facts

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ICU patients with feeding tubes receive an average of 60% of their required nutrition.


Critically ill patients are at an increased risk for malnutrition because of alterations in protein and energy metabolism displayed in response to trauma, major surgery, burns, and sepsis.[2]


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EN for COVID19 in ICU- Tuesday Tube Facts

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For COVID-19 patients, it is recommended that enteral nutrition starts within 36 hours of ICU admission or within 12 hours of going on a ventilator.[1]

Timing of nutrition delivery is considered the most important factor for nutrition in ICU patients with COVID-19.[1]


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