Keep Feeding Tubes Clear

Tubes clog. In fact, enteral access devices may clog at a rate as high as 35%.

Recent bench testing shows that the TubeClear system can be 145.6% more effective at removing built-up material from tube walls than water alone.  Check out the results below.

Proactive Use Before-and-After

In this test, the TubeClear System removed an average of 77% of material build-up along the walls of enteral access devices.

Since clogs are obstructions that impede flow within an enteral access device, the TubeClear System can be used proactively to help maintain medication compliance and caloric goals.

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Certifications, Listings and Notices


TubeClear is intended for use by Certified and Licensed Healthcare Practitioners.

TubeClear is indicated for use ONLY and SOLELY in clearing occlusions / clogs in Feeding and Decompression Tubes in adult patients that have a Tube of size 6 to 18 Fr.

Warranty Information