How TubeClear Works

Feeding and gastric tubes used for patient nutrition, medication, or decompression often clog. The TubeClear system is an easy to use mechanical device to clear clogged feeding tubes quickly and safely.

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ROI Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate the return on investment for TubeClear in your facility. All you need is your bed count to start.

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TubeClear Control Box

Reusable Control Box works with all Clearing Stems to clear clogged feeding tubes.

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TubeClear Clearing Stems

Stems designed to clear clogs in 10Fr - 18Fr and NE, NG, G and J feeding tubes.

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Certifications, Listings and Notices



For International sales, please visit here.

TubeClear is intended for use by Licensed Healthcare Practitioners.

TubeClear is indicated for use ONLY and SOLELY in clearing occlusions / clogs in Feeding and Decompression Tubes in adult patients that have a Tube of size 10 to 18 Fr.

Warranty Information