Fight Malnutrition

Save Clinician Time

Protect vulnerable enteral nutrition (EN) patients during a pandemic. 


Promote Social Distancing

Fight Malnutrition

Older adults are more likely to experience malnutrition[1] – the same patient population facing increased risk for Coronavirus (COVID-19) related complications.[2] Water is normally lost in urine, stool, through our skin, and respiratory tract. [3] Malnutrition is associated with higher mortality rates and longer hospital stays.[1] Using the TubeClear system proactively can help maintain feeding tube flow[4], ensuring EN patients receive the nutrition, medication, and hydration they need to fight infection and stay healthy.

Save Clinician Time

During the Coronavirus pandemic, clinicians serve on the front lines to identify and treat patients infected with COVID-19. Minimizing time spent on hardware issues such as clogged feeding tubes[5] allows them to focus on patient care. Using the TubeClear system proactively may prevent clogging[4], saving valuable clinician time.

Promote Social Distancing

Preventing the spread of Coronavirus helps keep hospitals from becoming overwhelmed.[6] The TubeClear system works at bedside, reducing the need to transport EN patients to the emergency department. With emergency room doctors contracting COVID-19,[7] keeping EN patients in place reduces the spread of infection – potentially saving hospital beds by reducing readmissions due to clogged feeding tubes, a preventable complication.
For full indications, contraindications, cautions and warnings, please read the Operator’s Manual.


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Read the entire TubeClear Operator’s Manual before using the system. Disregarding the cautions and instructions presented in the TubeClear Operator’s Manual constitutes ABNORMAL USE.

TubeClear is intended for use by Licensed or Certified Healthcare Practitioners.

TubeClear is indicated for use ONLY and SOLELY in clearing occlusions / clogs in Feeding and Decompression Tubes in adult patients that have a tube of size 6 to 18 Fr. For full indications, refer to the Operator’s Manual.

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