Pennsylvania is one of few states that requires reporting of misplaced* nasogastric feeding tubes.1

Between 2011 and 2016, 166 enteral tube misplacements were documented in Pennsylvania.2

* Complications after enteral access device (EAD) placement can include misplacement, which is when the tip of the EAD is placed in an anatomical position not intended for the proper administration of enteral nutrition.

1. Irving, S., Rempel, G., Lyman, B., Sevilla, W., Northington, L., Guenter, P. Pediatric Nasogastric Tube Placement and Verification: Best Practice Recommendations From the NOVEL Project. Nutrition in Clinical Practice, 2018; 33(6):921-927.

2. Wallace, S.C. Data Snapshot: Complications Linked to Iatrogenic Enteral Feeding Tube Misplacements. PA Patient Safety Authority, 2017; 14:1-60.
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