Support during the holidays – Tuesday Tube Facts

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Try these tips during the holidays when you’re supporting someone with a feeding tube:

1. Plan ahead

2. Make a holiday gathering easy on yourself and your loved one

3. Talk about your child’s special needs

4. Expect the unexpected [1]


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Navigating the holiday season – Tuesday Tube Facts

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Here are four tips to help you and your family enjoy a smoother, and more festive holiday season with a feeding tube: 1. Set your goals 2. Notify friends and family in advance 3. Dial-up your other senses 4. Stock up on supplies now.[1]


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ICU Patients are at High Risk for Complications

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Trauma and surgical intensive care unit (TSICU) patients supported with mechanical ventilation are at high risk for complications associated with malnutrition.[1]

Despite these interventions, TSICU patients often suffer a calorie deficit associated with enteral nutrition interruption for procedures or transitions in care.[1]


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Tube Occlusions May Lead to Enteral Concretion – Tuesday Tube Facts

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Unresolved tube occlusions have resulted in concretion of enteral feeds, tearing of the tube, and direct administration of feeds to the esophagus, as well as possible formation of esophageal bezoars.[1]


  1. Dandeles, L. and Lodolee, A. Efficacy of Agents to Prevent and Treat Enteral Feeding Tube Clogs. The Annals of Pharmacotherapy. 2011. 45:676-680

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