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TubeClear System Support


Operator’s Manual

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Directions for Use – NE

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Directions for Use – G

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Directions for Use – TC-0608

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Directions for Use – TC-0812

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Directions for Use – TC-1018

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TubeClear System Information


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Does the TubeClear System work at bedside?

Yes, the Control Box can be placed on any level surface (e.g., table) and plugged into a wall outlet.

What should I do if I kink the Clearing Stem and it now has a permanent bend?

Remove the Clearing Stem from the Feeding Tube. With the Control Box still running check to see if the tip of the Clearing Stem is still moving backward and forward (displacing). If it is still displacing then continue with the clearing procedure. If the tip has stopped displacing discard the Clearing Stem and continue the procedure with a new Clearing Stem. The Clearing Stem may have clogged material packed between the Sheath and Wire or the Clearing Stem may be bent.

What should I do if during a flush attempt I allow the Clearing Stem to come in contact with the floor?

Do NOT continue the procedure with the current Clearing Stem. There could be contaminates which reside on the floor that could cause harm to the patient. Discard the Clearing Stem that you are using and obtain a new Clearing Stem to continue the procedure.

What should I do with the red Magnet Covers and red Tip Protector when I remove them?

We suggest that you save the Magnet Cover by placing it back into the packaging because you will need to place it onto the magnet before discarding the Clearing Stem. This prevents the magnet from sticking to objects such as the hazardous waste container upon disposal. The Tip Protector is for protection of the Clearing Stem during shipment and storage and can be discarded immediately upon removal or placed in the packaging.

Why is it that sometimes I can insert the Clearing Stem the up to the Collar but I can’t flush it right away?

Sometimes the Clearing Stem can tunnel a hole through the material clogging the Tube. Then when water is used to flush the Tube the material can shift and re-clog the Tube. This occurs most often with softer materials, such as feeding formula, clogging the Tube or larger French size Tubes. If this occurs, re-insert the Clearing Stem to continue breaking and spreading out the clog in order to make it flushable. Patience is key when dealing with these situations. The TubeClear System will still be able to clear the Tube, but it may require a few insertions of the Clearing Stem.

Why is the use of water suggested with the TubeClear System?

Water helps to naturally break up the contents of the clog. If water is inserted into a clogged tube without the use of the TubeClear System, only the material at the top of the clog may be reached by the water. But the TubeClear System’s ability to penetrate the clog allows water to reach deeper into the clog as well. Because of this, the use of water can assist the TubeClear System in clearing the clog.

Why can’t I use the TubeClear System multiple times if it’s with the same patient?

Clog materials may remain inside the Clearing Stem after use which decreases the effectiveness of the TubeClear System and increases the chance for contamination. Clearing Stems can be used for the duration of a single incident (clog) but should then be discarded.

Should I flush or aspirate after using the TubeClear System?

Either one is fine. This step is important for removing broken up clog materials from the Tube before resuming feeding and medication regimens.

What types of materials does the TubeClear System clear?

The TubeClear System clears medication, feeding formula, ground food, and aspirates clogs.

What types of feeding tubes does the TubeClear System work in?

Each Clearing Stem is indicated for a specific diameter (French Size) and length. There are Clearing Stem models available for NE, NG, G, PEG, and J feeding tubes.

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